About ELIE

Meet Elie - great male Companion and clever Gentleman

I have lived in Naples for over 20 years and have traveled all over Southwest Florida to find the best food, nightlife, and activities. I am definitely what you would call a “people person”. I absolutely love meeting new people and enjoy being around others.

Together Is Always Better!

Why experience life alone when we can experience it together? Solo No More was made for women that are looking for a straight male companion to go experience life together.

Elie Male escort
Elie Male escort

Adventure & Activities

With every new adventure, there is always a wonderful memory that comes after. Whether it be a night out on the town or a weekend in Paris, I believe that all activities done with a male companion make that adventure even more memorable.

Let’s go dancing with the nightlife crowd, or we can sing for the ones that care. Let’s travel to new places whether it be here in town or all around the world. Let’s do the things you feel like you can’t do alone. There is no need to be Solo No More. 

Elie Companion Escort Dancing

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